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What is SEO ?

SEO Seo is part of digital marketing and stands for search engine optimization, which is a set of tecniques (for me it’s an art) that focuses on your website’s presence in organic search results on search engines like Google or Bing (SERP) as a result making your website more discoverable,

A search engine (Google, Bing etc) is a system which, in response to a request, returns an ordered index of contents, classifying them automatically on the basis of complex statistical-mathematical algorithms and SEO acts on organic “natural” results, which Google decides to place without any payment. Paid search results are ads that appear on top of or under the organic results.

Here is an example of what SEO is : by typing a keyword into Google such as “Supplements”, Google will return a list of organic results. The first site that will be shown on this list has done a better job of seo optimizing than the other competitors. All we want is to be the first on SERP and so we have to create a complete Seo campaign.

The SEO activity is mainly structured in 2 areas:

  1. On-Site/on-Page SEO:  optimization of the internal structure of a website and its pages
  2. Off-Site/off-page SEO:  are all to the factors external to a site and its pages that affect its ranking

On-Site SEO:

Site structure

One of the decisive points to improve the positioning of the website is to create a clean and essential structure. This has an advantage for the user but also for the search engine which identifies the most important resources and rewards them.

Don’t forget to make your website mobile friendly, a responsive and fast theme is indispensable.


In order to get a good ranking on Google, it is advisable to avoid too many generic keywords (with a high volume of searches but also a lot of competition and, therefore, with little chance of success). It is preferable to choose many specific keywords, with less search volume but less competition and, therefore, with a higher conversion rate. There are also keywords “long tail” that allow you to intercept the searches of those who have a real and specific need. Enhancing this type of research may allow you to obtain greater and qualitatively better results.

These keywords will be used strategically in some elements, such as Title tags, Meta Description, Heading tags and in the Alt Text of the images.

Optimization of the website contents

For the good positioning of a website, the optimization of the contents is very important.

The texts on the web should be concise, simple and essential, enriched with images, links and any additional multimedia content.

The images should be optimized: reduce size of bytes and add the ALT attribute.

The contents must be unique and original, not copied from other parts, useful, interesting and updated and naturally contain keywords without exceeding the redundancy or repetition. The contents must encourage sharing (link earning).

Site performance

The speed of a website in terms of SEO positioning is a decisive aspect.  Choose hosting service, theme and plugins  carefully.   How long would you stay on a slow website?

Internal and outgoing links

Managing internal links is a good way to give Google important signals regarding the importance of resources. Also remember to always fix the  broken links.

seo easy

To help you in many of these operations there are various plugins including this one that we recommend.


Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to the factors external to a site that affect ranking.

The most important off page activity is link building which is a strategy  to obtaining unnaturally links.

Today the number and quality of inbound links is a determining factor in ranking, so your first mission, as already mentioned, will be to create valuable contents that stimulate the sharing and creation of spontaneous Backlinks (link earning) by other sites.  Yes, it can be a hard work and may not lead to the desired results and therefore, many look for  shortcuts.

Yes, we can still get backlinks for great results in other ways that we will explain better in the  next article:  buyng quality and no spamming backlinks, do public relation work for links exchange, buyng used domain, and get backlinks from quality guest Blogging. 

However, don’t forget to link building in moderation and with quality, as a rapid build-up of links could penalize your website.

The seo strategy must be planned carefully and patiently, with the right seo tools you can get great results without incurring penalties.

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