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What are backlinks ?

Backlinks are each links that point from a page on one website to a page on another website.

Why are backlinks  important?

  1. Ranking: search engines see backlinks as a reference and think that the linked site has quality content and is an authoritative source. For example it’s like when you do a good job and your customer becomes happy and as a result gives a positive feedback to other people.
  2. More Traffic: inbound links can be a source of referral traffic. If a link to your page is present on an authoritative and quality website with a good level of traffic, it will be seen by several users, that could click on the link.
  3. Seo Benefits: indexing, authority, ranking and more traffic are great Seo benefits of backlinks from good sources.

According to search engines guidelines, the backlinks must be natural and spontaneous.   This can be a long and particularly arduous process. For this reason, a Link Building activity is currently still fundamental for ranking. However, it is necessary to implement it with greater care than in the past to avoid penalties.

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In Backlinking there are many parameters that you have to watch carefully :

Authority of the resource:  popularity of the single page and authority of a domain of the linking site(s), if we receive a backlink from Wikipedia, Google will surely notice the importance and authority of this website and will also begin to consider your website and your content.


Anchor Text:  particular attention to the keywords used in the anchor text. This is because a large amount of links, all optimized for the same keyword, can make the search engine suspicious .Therefore it is necessary to vary the terms used as anchor text, using  the keywords we want to position, and other terms, perhaps related to the brand or to the activity of the website in general;

Have a correlation between the linked page and the linking page : for example: if you have a Motor Blog and you get a backlink from a Cooking blog, maybe google will notice this;

Position of the link on the page: search engines assign a different rank depending on the position held by the links on the page. Usually the highest value is given to the links inserted at the top of the page;

Number of the links:  rapid build-up of links could penalize your website, do this like it’s natural;

Nofollow tells search engines to “Ignore” a link. These backlinks may, at Google’s discretion, pass or not pass value from one site to another. Don’t use nofollow on every external link  and don’t use nofollow on internal links on your website;

Dofollow : by default, all links are “dofollow” and dofollow links are technically all links that don’t have a “rel” attribute with a “nofollow” value and so the crawler search engine follows the link and it’s going to help your Google rankings.

Let’s remember, the best backlinks come from the great content we write, but if we want to acquire backlinks, ranking and authority faster, we need to do a not approximated linkbuilding campaign, learn and use seo tools, and  get free and paid quality backlinks from authoritative sites.



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