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Sedo domains, sell and buy safely

What exactly is the Sedo ?

Sedo (Search Engine for Domain Offers) is a marketplace and parking service for domain names and websites. Sedo is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Cologne, Germany.

A quick overview of the services Sedo provides

Sedo customers and partners can take advantage of a variety of services.

Broker Service

We have an experienced team of brokers ready to assist you with the utmost privacy and dedication to buy or sell your desired domain.

Appraisals of domains.

Everything has its own uniqueness. For both buyers and sellers, the primary question is: How much may a domain cost? For both individual domains and entire domain portfolios, its scientifically sound Domain Appraisal swiftly gives clarity.

Transfer service

It’s a win scenario for everyone: you can be confident that your money is secure and your domain is promptly transferred thanks to Sedo Transfer Services.

After completing a transaction, transfer services securely transfer domains. A win-win situation for everyone: You may rest assured that your purchase price and the transfer of ownership of your domain will be protected by the Sedo transfer service.

All domains purchased through Sedo come with a free and automated domain transfer service.
When purchasing and transferring the domain, you may be assured that your money is safe.
Personal assistance and a purchase agreement are included in the package.
The transfer protection service is also available for domains purchased outside of our platform.

Trustworthy Transactions

Free Transfer Service provides secure payment and transfer of domains once buyer and seller have reached an agreement on our trading platform.

With Sedo Transfer Service, you get a customized purchase agreement for your domain or online project. Until the domain ownership is transferred to your account, you will be assigned a special Sedo representative for payment and transfer questions.

All domain purchases and sales conducted through Sedo are entirely free and secure.
Funds transfer to our escrow account for the purchase of the domain.
The purchase agreement with a single representative and seamless transfer of domain title to the new owner.

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Buyng and Selling Services

When purchasing and transferring a TOP domain name, or simple domain, the highest level of security is required.

To make an offer to purchase a domain name listed on, you must first create or login to your Sedo account. After entering your first offer, you will be offered the option to create a free account. All Sedo users must complete the Buyer Certification procedure, which may be found at the top of each page under the “My Sedo” tab.

You can submit an offer after you’ve logged in and verified your account. When your offer is accepted, an email is sent to the seller. The domain owner may then;

  1. Accept your offer, closing the sale of the name.
  2. Make a counter bid, which you will receive through email.
  3. Choose to sell the domain at auction.

If the seller selects option (b), you must respond to the counteroffer by accepting and closing the sale or making a new counteroffer.

If it is a general marketplace sale, the negotiation process can go back and forth until a deal is achieved or the negotiations fail. If the seller has chosen the Auction option, other Sedo users may place bids until the Auction closes, at which point the highest bidder is declared the Auction winner.

To protect both the buyer and seller, regular marketplace sale conversations and auction processes are conducted anonymously.

Deals made outside of Sedo are protected

Sedo Transfer Service can be used even if an agreement is made outside of the platform. Create a customer account, and they’ll take care of everything for you.

Even if you’re not directly involved in the transaction, you’ll benefit from the same level of protection. Sedo always absolutely makes sure vendors are receiving their payments safely and securely. Furthermore, customers may rest assured that they will promptly and simply get ownership of their new domain name.

  • Cost-effective and assured of safety
  • Payment and domain transfer can be done securely and quickly.
  • A written contract and a single point of contact for the transfer of domain names
  • It is possible to divide service fees between the buyer and seller.
  • Just 3% of the domain’s purchase price is charged as a fee.

Parking Domain

Webmasters earn moneyand traffic with parked domains  at no additional charge.


On the internet, there are presently hundreds of  domains. You can find out which domain  will be ready to register and which ones are already available on Sedo  which is definitely one of the best marketplace .


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