You are currently viewing Rank Math, probably the best SEO WordPress plugin

Rank Math, probably the best SEO WordPress plugin

Rank Math is a feature-rich, fast and lightweight WordPress SEO plugin. It can assist your website in achieving a high SEO ranking and meeting industry standards.  Here, we’ll examine its essential features, user interface, pricing, as well as its advantages and whether it is worth using or not.

What are the Features of Rank Math ?

Rank Math includes premium-like features in a free version, the following are the top ones you’ll receive:

Rank Math is the first WordPress SEO Plugin to use AI to drive you to write even better

Easy migration from Yoast SEO or other SEO plugin to Rank Math SEO and easy set up, suitable for beginner also;

● It analyzes your SEO on 40 factors and it suggests improvements for the website’s tructure and single post;

You can modify and edit snippets such as the meta title and meta description;

● You may enhance your content with up to five specific keywords;

● While you are typing keywords into the targeted box, R.M. suggests you simple or long tail keywords;

● It crawls informations and checks for the desired keywords in the page title, Meta description, URL, and throughout the text;

● The Rank Math SEO plugin monitors the length of the blog post, the URL, and the Meta description. It verifies that they adhere to the criteria used to establish a search engine’s ranking;

● It indicates whether or not the website has internal and external links;

● It evaluates the readability of the title, indicating whether any changes are necessary to make it more readable;

● Rank Math has an advanced real time monitor of  404 error and can fix it easily;

● If you find yourself in trouble, Rank Math provides exceptional customer service.


Rank Math is a freemium WordPress SEO plugin, so, if you believe that you or your corporation is on a budget, you can choose the premium version.  Rank Math provides three distinct pricing options:

The first one is called Pro and costs $59 per year. It can be used for an unlimited number of  websites and tracks 500  Keywords. It’s perfect for Bloggers, Individuals & Solopreneurs.

The second option is called “Business” and would cost you $199/year. It can be utilized in an unlimited number of personal website and for 200 client websites and tracks up to 10,000 keywords. This plan is ideal for Corporations,  Freelancers, Business and Agency owners.

Similarly, the third option is called “Agency” and would cost you $499/year. It can be utilized in an unlimited number of personal website and 750 client websites and tracks up to 10,000 keywords. This choice is perfect for Agency owners with high volume.

Nonetheless, if you decide that this is not the plugin for you after purchasing it, they guarantee a full refund within one month.

PRO vs. Free Free vs Pro

Until now, the majority of the features and choices we’ve demonstrated or described are included in Rank Math’s free version.   The PRO version is available with even more interesting features.

Is the premium version of Rank Math worth the money? Yes of course. If you want to bring the heavy guns to bear on SEO, it may be worthwhile to consider purchasing a premium license.

Top features of Rank Math Pro

Google Analytics Integration: without other plugins and without leaving your site you will have the confort of monitoring the SEO performance of your website

Analytics Site SEO Performance


Built-In Advanced SEO Analytics Module: all you need to know by Google Search Console about  keywords which you rank for, your sitemap status, and indexing issues.

Rank Math Google Integration


Keyword rank tracker feature: is Rank Math’s ability to track and display keyword rankings within WordPress. 

The keyword tracker provided by Rank Math is quite comprehensive. It displays impressions, clicks, and position overall. More crucially, the program can tell you whether those figures have increased or decreased over a specified period.

keywords Rank Tracker

Of course, there are several methods for collecting this type of data that do not require a plugin. Having access to this information within WordPress, on the other hand, is a game-changer. By watching keyword rankings, you can determine whether your adjustments affect the search engine traffic you receive. Up to 500 (Pro) – 10000 (Business) – 75000 (Agency)  tracked keywords are supported.

Track SEO Performance of Individual Posts: all  you need to check the SEO performance of each post

single Post Reports


●  Track Top 5 Winning/Losing Keywords and posts: you will know what SEO procedures have worked or not  and so, you could make adjustments.

Top Winning Posts and keywords


The Most Advanced Schema Generator: It works on the CTR (click trough rate) by making your web essence show up in web crawler result pages. There are many ready schema templates or you can setting a custom schema. Rank Math can also import schema from any site.

Rank Math Rich Snippet Support


Google Trends integration: assists you with checking the search trends for keywords.

Rank Math google trends


Image SEO PRO: Rank Math automatically add  ALT tags and Title tags to all the images to improve your SEO

rank math Image SEO


Google News and Video SEO Sitemap: Rank Math  respects all the rules of google and with a few clicks you will activate these options.

rank mathNews Sitemap 1


WooCommerce SEO PRO: Rank Math is fully compatible with Woocommerce and will enhance your sales department.

Rank Math WooCommerce Compatible



As you have noticed RankMath Pro combines several and valuable additional SEO features into a single bundle, this is an unusual sight to come across if you’ve ever gone in search of SEO plugins, if we were to buy separate plugins they would cost us up to $1,675.

It’s simple to use, fast and lightweight and  compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins, and the Plans are very reasonably priced, if you’re looking for the best WordPress SEO plugin to grow your traffic, in our opinion, Rank Math is an excellent choice.


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