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How to get free and paid backlinks

I would like to remind you, once again, that if we want spontaneous backlinks from other websites our contents on a web must always be great and acquire authority in the sector. Yes, this process generally takes a loooooong time and, if we need to shorten the time,  we can do link building activity and get backlinks in the following ways :

Buy quality and no spamming backlinks:

Many offer backlinks but most of these sellers bring large quantities of low quality links. We cannot afford to spend money and maybe have SERP penalties, we must be sure of where and what we buy:

is one of the oldest and most popular site for purchasing premium quality backlinks on the web, It has an enormous stock  of top DA quality sites. It has a simple monthly credit system to buy a Backlkink and you can pay with Paypal. 

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Buy and Sell text links




Is another great and popular site for purchasing premium quality backlinks on the web.

You can get started with LinksManagement and get their backlink services that are High DA40 +, starting at $ 9.99.

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300x250 DA50 80 buy links

Free or paid quality guest Blogging

A guest blogging  is a structured way and not just for the great power of exchanging links for Seo strategy,  it would lead to many other advantages.

When you decide to write a guest post you need to put all your blogging skills at work and present yourself with a quality content and a complete understanding of the subject. This helps to expand your personal branding , increase your authority and increase your visibility and your brand awareness to a new audience. In fact, if what you write is liked, your post will be shared,  giving you much more than you expected. 

guest blogging

There are many ways to increase the visits of your blog but guest posts are certainly one of the best solutions because they lead to an increase in useful traffic. Moreover, it’s important to create relationships  with other bloggers also through the use of social networks.

For example our Guest Blog,  is Seo and quality oriented, our mission is to increase in authority and  only by maintaining good quality we and our audience will never be penalized.  Read our rules and  Write a post

Social networks:

Social shares (social backlinks) do not have many Seo immediate benefits but they bring visibility and traffic and they will make you better known to the audience who may visit your website and link it on their website.

Relation work for links exchange

This is a fairly common practice, if you know other blog owners who talk about the same categories as your,  you could ask to exchange links or pay to be linked.

Broken link

Examine  (with the Tools at your disposal) the inbound and outbound links  of a site  relevant to your topic. Once you have identified the broken ones, prepare a similar article on your site that could be linked.

At this point you contact the owner of the site explaining that his link has a 4XX error, or that his article links to an expired domain. Now, you propose to link your article which works perfectly. If the owner accepts we will get a free link or maybe with a small payment.

Web Directories

Free and paid directory can help you for rank:

La Mia Directory

PakRanks Web Directory

Draco Free General Web Directory

Directory Siti Web

Evolving Critic Business Web Directory

AzListed – Human edited directory that offers webmasters a choice of a free or paid website submission.

Blog search directory

Diseases and Conditions Directory

Thales Directory



Buyng delete or used domain

If, with a lot of effort and even a little luck, you find a good expired domain, with a name you like, that is relevant to your business and maybe with many good backlinks,  you could take these advantages to do one of the following activities:

  1. Making a new website: Using an expired domain you don’t start from scratch and take advantage of traffic and, allow you to leverage on its existing SEO values to help in fast ranking your  website .
  2. Redirect 301 from expired domain to your domain, in this case your website takes the “Seo juice” of the linking domain. This will not be for long time but enough to gain traffic and serp.
  3. PBN (Private Blog Network) is a long and risky  strategy.  It’s a method  to take several domains, create in  websites, fill them with good contents and link to our main site.  Google can very easily identify a Private Blog Network and penalyze it if you leave obvious traces as: same domain’s owner data (Whois), monitor traffic with the same account of Google Analytics, same hosting for all websites and create clone websites.  However, it can still be an effective technique if used with cunning and attention to details.

How do I buy a top domain

My opinion is that to make a good link building you should do a mix of all these techniques in order not to fall into penalties, you must not be in a hurry and study first what and how to do it without improvising.


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